The Enduring Value of Videography

Posted on Jul 3, 2012 | Comments Off on The Enduring Value of Videography

Alan Berg has a wonderful blog post from a story he wrote for Beautiful Bride Magazine about the enduring value of wedding videography. He talks about discovering an old box of 8mm films from his parents’ wedding and the impact that had on him.

There stood my parents, happy and youthful, sharing their wedding day with friends and relatives, many of whom were no longer with us. I saw their first dance. I saw my grandparents, who were probably my age now. I saw my great-grandparents, who were probably the age my parents are now.

He says he and his wife neglected to get a wedding video of their own wedding, but now watching his parents’, he realizes how priceless it would have been.

If someone came to us on our 29th anniversary and said they had a video of our wedding, what do you think it would be worth to us? Priceless, right? When I see the amazing wedding movies that today’s brides are getting, it makes me wish, even more, that we had one of our wedding. If only we could share with our two sons those special memories. One day, when we have grandchil­dren, I’d love to be able share those memories with them.

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