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SXSW Analogue Anonymous Meet-Up Super 8 Video

SXSW asked Nostalgia Film to participate in the Analogue Anonymous Meet-Up during the SXSW trade show on March 12th, 2013. We teamed up with Pro8mm, which graciously provided cameras for participants to use, and Kodak who provided the Super 8mm film–all at no cost to anyone who wanted to try their hand at shooting Super 8 film. This film was shot by us and participants who signed up to shoot a roll during the meet up.

Many thanks to Pro8mm and Kodak and to everyone who took part!

Participants in Analogue Anonymous included: Devaki Knowles’ Fun Loving Photos, United Record Pressing, Nostalgia Film, Tape Op Magazine, Lomography, Heather Curiel‘s tintype photography, and the Austin Phonograph Company.




By Nostalgia Film

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