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1960s Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Videographer

1960s Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Videographer

Let the sun shine… Let the sun shine in! I am totally inspired by these ’60s wedding idea pins! The 1960s were an era–that although I was born too late for–I always felt nostalgic for through the stories my mom would tell me and the music my parents shared with me. A time of lots of change, transition, and radical new ideas, I looked at the era through the rose-colored glasses of my family’s stories and pop culture. Some of the sweeter elements of the ’60s would be great wedding inspiration. See my favorite Pinterest pins for some sunny 1960s ideas below!

1960s wedding inspiration and wedding videos

…And here is one of my favorite Super 8 wedding movies that has a touch of ’60s flair! I’ll follow up with ’70s wedding inspiration next week!?

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