About Super 8 Film...

Vintage Wedding Videographer

Super 8 film and 8mm film are the iconic film formats on which most silent home movies from the 1930s through the 1970s were shot. Super 8 is a very nostalgic medium, launched in 1965 and popularized in the 1970s, as it gained mass appeal for making home movies. The flickers and film grain evoke an emotional response, and the look and feel of the grain and color of authentic film brings back happy memories of yesteryear.

Super 8 wedding films are a great alternative to traditional wedding videography for outdoor weddings, rustic weddings, vintage weddings, and any wedding where the bride and groom want to be able to remember and feel the emotions of their wedding day for years to come. While digital videography trends change, Super 8 remains classic and timeless. Plus the fact film is an archival medium means that their wedding film can be preserved and passed down through generations... And later converted to whatever the format of the future.

We like to shoot on actual film because film images are created through a chemical process of an emulsion on celluloid film, which creates a look and feel with vivid colors, greater variation in contrast, and fine grains that cannot be reproduced by modern electronic video and various effects. Through the process of telecine, the film can be converted to a digital format, including HD.

Combined with our creativity and artistic eye, we feel that Super 8 film, with its romantic and nostalgic feel, is the perfect medium for capturing cherished memories. Like many of the old home movies from the past, the Super 8 films we shoot are silent, and we artistically edit the images to music chosen just for the couple's film. However sound can be incorporated with film by adding audio recording, synced in small moments, or through the use of cinematic HD wedding videography for key parts of the day, and we're happy to talk about this more with you. Many couples prefer our Hybrid Packages for the use of both Super 8 film and modern high definition video.

You can read more about why we think Super 8 is so special on our blog. Contact us to talk about Super 8 film for your wedding.