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Floral Nuptials: Spring 2014 Wedding Inspiration

9 Apr

Florals are in for 2014: on the runways and down the aisle! I made an etsy treasury for wedding inspiration I am feeling for Spring 2014. Pastels and soft colors and lots of pretty flowers and sweet touches!

flloral weddings 2014

{source: etsy}

If you’re looking for a florist for your upcoming wedding, I heartily recommend Natasha with EcoChic Floral! She’s kind, passionate, and super knowledgeable about sustainable flowers!

See a wedding we worked together on her site or in the film below!

Happy Spring!!


Elegant Affair at The Inn at Wild Rose Hall Super 8mm Video

20 Mar

This is the second of two videos, this one in vintage Super 8, that we created that highlight the Elegant Affair at The Inn at Wild Rose Hall.

If you missed the HD video, see it here.

Organized/Designed by An Event to Remember, TX

Music by Chanterelle Duo


An Event to Remember, TX
The Stationary Bakery
Knots & Tots Photography
Wow Factor Floral
Bee Lavish Vintage Rental
Bella by Sara Event Floral Design
A Hint of Shimmer
Music Monarchs
Ashley Tullis Photography
Nostalgia Film
Bambi Photobooth
Chanterelle Duo
Austin Bartending Company
Blue Note Bakery
Hill Country Event Rental
Werner’s Catering
Bellissimo Bakery
Willow and Vine Event Design
Scissortail Savories and Sweets

This Sunday: The Inn at Wild Rose Hall Open House

2 Mar

The Inn at Wild Rose HallJoin us for an Elegant Affair at The Inn at Wild Rose Hall

Come & experience the elegance of The Inn at Wild Rose Hall, and chat with some of Austin’s Elite Wedding Professionals!

Sunday, March 3rd, from 3pm-7pm.

More info on Facebook | RSVP on EventBrite
Organized/Designed by An Event to Remember, TX
Invitation By:The Stationary Bakery
Vendors Include:
Tullis Photography

WeddingLovely Lookbook, Fall 2012

6 Nov

This should be a major help in wedding planning! The WeddingLovely Lookbook features over 1,600 wedding stationers, photographers, planners, venues, and videographers worldwide.

Check us out on page 214!

WeddingLovely Lookbook, Fall 2012

Austin Wedding DJ & Music Ideas & Resources

11 Oct

Wedding First DanceIn the months leading up to our wedding, I had these recurring nightmares about me in my wedding dress running in towering heels to try to reach my ipod to queue my own music for the key parts of my wedding like walking down the aisle and the first dance. Yep, pretty typical anxiety dreams of a DIY bride, but obviously, the thought of trying to do the music ourselves was stressing me out! We’d attended a bridal expo, and I was really confused as to where to turn afterward. A lot of the DJs we met there were hard-selling and intimidating, and I couldn’t imagine them as guests at my wedding, and the only ones we liked DJed with vinyl, but were far out of our budget.

Wedding First DanceLuckily, my friend DJ Munk helped me by DJing our reception and laid all those DIY DJ nightmares to rest! Most DJs are happy to accommodate your list of requests, and it can be a nice touch to use songs meaningful to you during the cocktail hour and dinner, so you can still DIY that aspect, but leave the spinning or playing to others! We also hired local band Mazel Tov Kocktail Hour to play our ceremony, cocktail hour, and first dance, which was a brilliant idea! Their Eastern European musical influences spoke to my roots, we had so much fun, and the guests seemed to really enjoy them, too.

If you’re beginning to think about music for your wedding, here are some great places to start and some resources!


Hi-Fi Weddings is a fantastic resource for the music-loving bride! With lists of song ideas, mixes, and real weddings featuring playlists, this is a a great jumping off point when thinking about music for the big day.

This list of most requested songs is sure to get your musical ideas flowing. Sure, some of them like the “Party Rock Anthem” and the “Cupid Shuffle” are cheesy, but I tell you seeing your friends bust a move is really priceless, and sometimes the silliest songs bring it out in them. You can still have all the silly, fun music without a DJ that makes you cringe! One of my favorite reception dancing moments was seeing my bridesmaid’s husband dance to MC Hammer’s “Hammertime.” I never knew he had those dance moves (nor did she), and I am still in awe of his sweet dance moves.

wedding dancingLocal Austin Wedding DJs

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with a number of local DJs who we are always happy to recommend.


Byrne Rock

DJ Presley

Greenbelt DJ Productions

Jeremy Cox Event DJ


Or for Something Totally Different…

For those of you who are in love with the idea of a vintage wedding, check out Austin Phonograph Company for a totally different take on ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception music! Austin Phonograph Company specializes in live entertainment featuring hand cranked phonograph record players from the early 1900s.


Wedding Invitation Inspiration

17 Sep

Rifle Paper Co. I thought I’d start the week off by sharing with you some of my favorite wedding invitation companies. We often start working with the couple early on in their wedding planning process, usually long before they’ve even thought of invitations. We’re receive a lot of gorgeous invitations in the mail that we later film, so I wanted to share some favorites. Soon, I’ll blog about invitations and printables for those who prefer to DIY.

Our Hello Lucky Wedding Invitations

Photo by Heather Curiel

Rifle Paper Co. offers hand-painted illustrations and lettering  in a nostalgic and timeless style. Some of the thank you cards we send our brides and grooms come from this company. I am in love with their style! They create custom wedding orders and are developing a wedding collection.

Hello Lucky is where we got our own invitations. I’d searched high and low for something inspired by papel picado, in our colors of red and aqua when I came across these (to the right). They offer letterpress or flat printed invitations in an array of designs and colors–everything from Art Nouveau-inspired to Texas-inspired! They also now offer printable invitations to suit all budgets.

Inviting Letterpress AustinAustinite Ashley McNeil of Inviting Letterpress created our stunning business cards and creates a lot of adorable stationery–some of our thank you cards come from her press as well. I’ve worked with Ashley in Austin Craft Riot and Austin Wedding Party. She offers personalized wedding designs for those who want to keep it local!

Bright Eyed Birdie is another Austin-based option for invitations. Run by a fellow Austin Craft Riot member, the shop offers several options of simple invitations with ribbons and wax seals.

The Print Parlor is a boutique stationery and design studio created by designer Jennifer Breuss with lots of really neat rustic and vintage-inspired designs.

Monumental Designs offers handmade custom invitations and coordinating accessories featuring the artwork of Kristy Rice. They feature hand-painted designs. I got one in the mail from a bride a few months ago, and it was stunning! It’s still one of my favorites.


Blo-wn Away! Bridal Hair Inspiration

24 Apr

Last night, a wedding photographer friend and I both got initiated into the world of the blowout courtesy of Austin’s Blo. The lovely owner Alina invited wedding industry pros out to check out the salon on 5th Street. I had met her a few months back at Thursday Therapy, and had been curious about the concept of the blowout–before that I had only heard of blow dry bars in NYC and thought it belonged to the world of fancy ladies and celebs! I was surprised to learn that they are super affordable ($35), last upward of 5 days (with some dry shampoo), and are totally quick, accessible, and make you feel smokin’ hot!

For the bride-to-be, it would be a perfect treat to feel extra fabulous for engagement photos or save-the date videography. They offer up-dos and all manner of bouncy curls for the big day for the bride and bridesmaids–they offer blo bridal services and blo on the go ($160-$195) as well as options for parties with your gals for bridal showers or bachelorette parties.

I have some flyers and coupons, so I’d be happy to bring them along to our consultation or next meeting.

All toweled up

No. 1 Newlywed Regret? Not Getting it on Film!

23 Apr

1. Get It On Film
So many brides told us they wished they’d sprung for a videographer, or given their wedding photographer more specific directions. Your wedding will be RIFE with special moments – make sure you capture as many as possible!

My husband and I really regret not recording the speeches. They were so loving and beautiful, we were moved to tears again and again! It’s one of the best memories I have of that day and I wish we had a better record of all the kind things our family and friends had to say. A few gave us their typed notes but most strayed and added in some great anecdotes. Nothing about hair/makeup/venue or cakes mattered to me once I realized there were so many people there who loved us so much!” – Isabella

Read more at One Wed.

Timeless Vintage…

30 Nov

I wanted to write this early last week, as I saw a lot of articles about vintage weddings being “dead” and details being overdone… And burlap, mason jars, fields, handmade signs, and vintage suitcases or typewriters or whatever getting a lot of hate! (But then, well, I had to spend a few days eating turkey, watching movies, hiking with the dogs, drinking wine, and ignoring the Internet. So I hope you understand; this may have jumped the shark by now, but I still felt it was worth writing… I hope you had a very happy and relaxing Thanksgiving, too!)

handcrafted wedding details

Photo from our wedding by Heather Curiel Weddings

Basically brides, I want to say… Do whatever you want! Be vintage, be eccentric, be simple, be rustic, be thrifty or lavish… Just follow your heart and be true to yourself and your partner! That’s all it’s about–you and your partner and the one-of-a-kind love between ya’ll! Therein lies the beauty of each wedding.

Use the blogs for inspiration–if you want–but don’t be bowled over by what’s trendy and what’s in and out or what bloggers are into or over that week. Look to what inspires you, and do it! Don’t let anyone–in the blogosphere or vendors make you feel bad or inadequate about your choices!

I have seen some rants about vintage and detailed weddings lately, including this one from Huffington Post: The End Of The Vintage Wedding Trend and this one, Dear Wedding Bloggers… by Hindsight Bride or this one, very spot on and well-written, but still wanting to strip away details, The Mason Jar Manifesto.

Then there are more that are uplifting and encouraging to brides (and vendors):
The Only Opinion That Matters, DIY Bride
It’s all in the details…or is it?, Style Me Pretty
{A Lovely Rant} Vintage is not dead., Oh Lovely Day

I will be the first to admit, I chuckled at the #inmymasonjars hashtag that circled around Twitter several weeks back. Yet, conversely, I am still surprised again and again by the snark and negativity in this industry and clamoring to call things dead or overdone.

photo by heather curiel weddings

Photo from our wedding by Heather Curiel Weddings

We had mason jars at our wedding last year (hand-painted nonetheless!), and I can poke fun at something that by now can be considered perhaps played out by those who see them weekly, but I also still see things through the eyes of a bride who’s seeing all these handmade and lovingly detailed weddings for the first time and is excited and inspired by it.

Maybe because I am a newer wedding professional, I haven’t reached the level of seeing things so much that I feel jaded or disenchanted. I can understand that it may all start to look the same if you see it again and again in this industry, but that’s no reason for rants and making brides feel less unique and second guess their ideas. If you want a old typewriter! Heck, have one! Mason jars?! They are crazy cheap and add a relaxed and homespun vibe, so why not!? (Also inexpensive–mix and match glassware from your favorite local, thrift store.) If you want to be photographed in a field (perhaps popular because, well, who wants a busy background?) then do it!

photo by heather curiel weddings

Photo from our wedding by Heather Curiel Weddings

I guess I am weary, too, of getting lumped in since we make wedding films on Super 8mm film (and HD). It’s seen as a vintage medium (and, well,we do shoot on cameras from the ’70s!), but it transcends any one type of bride or wedding since it’s such a beautiful and timeless medium. I don’t want people to see Super 8 and pigeon-hole it as “vintage,” because I think it’s so much more than that. In a day and age full of instant gratification, a handcrafted wedding film–free of cranes, special effects, and seeing every minute up-close detail… Well, it’s refreshing. And it’s full of so much heart!

I say to each their own… The HuffPo author rants against nostalgia like it’s a terrible thing, and I find it way off-base. Each bride’s ideas are the things that I enjoy about this industry, whether it’s a part of a “trend” or not, and getting to be in the moment with the brides and grooms and families and friends we shoot, while creating memories is one of my greatest joys.

So if I do ever get that negative about it, maybe it would be time to find a new career…

So while HuffPo may not agree, I will love that photo of “the couple in the field holding hands two feet apart, back lit by the sun,” from our wedding last year for years and years to come…

To me, it captures all the heartfelt emotion of that day and it is timeless.


Save the Date! Austin Wedding Videography at Austin Bridal Expo

29 Sep

If you have been thinking about Super 8 film or HD videography for your wedding, and you want to come meet us in person, we’ll be at the Austin Bridal Expo on November 6th, booth 121.

Get in for free using this link and info”at” in the referrer’s e-mail field!

500 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX 78701-4121


Sunday, November 6, 2011 • 1-5pm
Austin Convention Center [map]
Ballroom A

Favorite Wedding DIY Tutorials Part II

26 Sep

Welcome to my second in a series of my favorite DIY wedding decor and ideas culled from Pinterest. You can see Part I here.

DIY flower crown from Honestly…WTF:

Mason jars may have had their 15 minutes already, but I still love them, and they are so multi-purpose, and they are better any color you want them (I did this for my wedding last year–beware Vitreous paint in the stove can be really fume-y!). Tutorial at julie ann art:

A new take… Gorgeous Mason Jar & Doily Luminaries by Crafts by Amanda at Sparkle & Hay:

I have been dying to make these since I saw this tutorial on etsy!

Paper carnations are a simple, inexpensive DIY decor piece that can go a long way… At Oh Hello Friend courtesy of the Gilded Bee.

Perfect for a laid-back bridal shower, at Richellephant:

Love the idea of re-using old T-shirts and making poms at Craftaholics Anonymous!

Some sweet mood lighting at Free Pretty Things for You:

Such a pretty idea at Glamour & Grace:

This snowflake wedding DIY would be so fun for a winter wedding, from Ohdeedoh:

Favorite Wedding DIY Tutorials Part I

24 Sep

I’ve been a little obsessed with Pinterest lately, and I’ve been saving up some of my favorite DIY wedding and decor tutorials to share with you. Luckily, Super 8 film fans–brides and grooms–are also usually very artsy/craftsy people, so I love sharing my finds with them! Hopefully you’ll find something here to inspire you…

A chevron tray from Martha Stewart would be delightful on a dessert table:

A lovely centerpiece idea from Oh Hello Friend:

Lots of sweet wedding ribbon ideas from Intimate Weddings:

DIY Cupcake Stand Tutorial from the Tomkat Studio:

Another centerpiece idea from Happiness Is:

Simple garland from Free Pretty Things for You:

Fabric Flower Garland from Free Pretty Things for You:

Adorable cake bunting from Free Pretty Things for You:

DIY: Tissue Tassel Garland from Green Wedding Shoes:

DIY Record cupcake stand from The Kitchn:

Stay tuned for Part II on Monday!

Thinking of Skipping the Video? Read This First

27 Jul

Yes, photos are fabulous, but video captures things that photos cannot — like your father’s speech, your first dance song, and your maid of honour’s videography

Love this article on the Knot: Thinking of Skipping the Video? Read This First

So You’re Engaged! (Yay!) Now What?

14 Jun

Wedding Expo Austin Wedding Plannin

Wedding expo aftermath... requires wine! And that stress ball will come in handy!

I recently made a new, engaged friend. She’s a friend of a good friend, and we began chatting about wedding planning. I realized a blog post about getting the wedding ball rolling might be helpful to the recently engaged gals (and guys) out there. Getting started on all of it is the hardest part.

The Date?

As soon as you announce you’re engaged, within days (if not minutes!) people start asking if you’ve picked a date. It will sort of drive you nuts. Well, if you’re anything like me. Because you can’t pick a date until you have a venue on lock-down, and I think that may be one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. Finding the venue means starting to think about the budget, how much you can allocate to the venue, and what parts of your budget will come from where… not to mention where you’ll have the wedding if families are scattered about.

wedding venue super 8 film austin

Mayfield Park

Politely say you’ll let them know as soon as you do, or if you have a season or time of the year picked, throw that out there. Most couples usually chose a date 11-12 months out, but some superstars can pull a wedding together in much shorter or wait longer for various reasons including having more time to save up and plan.

Friends and family mean well and just wish the best for you and are making conversation, but it can be frustrating when everything feels so overwhelming.

Take a week or two (or three or four) to just enjoy being engaged!


wedding venue house on the hill austin

House on the Hill

Since you don’t really have a date until you have a venue, this is the first thing on a newly engaged couple’s plate. It will also be a large part of your budget.

To get ideas going, ask friends and acquaintances for ideas. Ask everyone. Think outside the box. Places that don’t seem like traditional wedding venues may just work for a wedding. Event spaces, art & music spaces, parks, large cabins, bed & breakfasts, private, family land, etc. But do remember that basic things are necessities – bathrooms, parking, some shade/weather structure, tables and chairs, so realize that if they don’t exist at your venue, you’ll be renting them.

We had fallen in love with a local park, Mayfield Park, and did our engagement photos there. To book it, the city lets you roll your dice in a lotto. If you’re much more patient and the gambling kind than me, this is an awesome way to go, because the city parks are beautiful and much more affordable, though again, you may need your own rentals for things.

Additionally, venues that let you choose your own vendors will offer you a lot more flexibility in who you can hire. Make sure you read the fine print.

House on the Hill Ceremony Site Austin

House on the Hill

Also, getting married on a Thursday or Friday or Sunday can save you thousands! Seriously. While everyone wants the Saturday evening wedding, it might be worth considering a Sunday brunch, if you’ll then have a couple extra thousand in your pocket for your honeymoon or house down payment or whatever.

How do you stay Organized?

Mayfield Park Wedding Austin Videographer

Mayfield Park

My new friend asked me this, and I giggled because I felt of no use since I struggle with organization every day (and am slowly tackling it!) She’d seen a lot of those pricey binders out there and wondered if they were worth it. Honestly, I used scratch paper to make tons and tons of lists and a manila folder. But just think of how you organize anything in you life, and make a system that works for you, then keep it somewhere handy.

Two FREE tools that were so super-helpful right off the bat were:

The Knot Wedding Checklist

The Knot Wedding Budgeter

There are a lot of other tools on the Knot that can help, too.

I mentioned some books that I loved in my other post, Wedding Advice from a Recent DIY Bride. I lucked into a recent bride’s awesome stash of books, but the wedding section at the local Half Price Books was a big help, too!

Hopefully that helps a bit in getting the ball rolling.

As always, if you need help planning your wedding or any ideas, or wedding film cinematography or videography, custom wedding party jewelry and accessories, or vendor recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Wedding Advice from a Recent DIY Bride

3 Jun

I was very much a DIY bride. I did a lot of things myself, approached most aspects of our wedding very creatively, and thought out of the box as much as I could to pull off a fun, memorable, and gratifying event for about 100 guests on a budget. Yes, 2010 was a very busy year for us; we launched Nostalgia Film in the summer of 2010 and got married last October!bouquet-diy-wedding-handmade

Lately, I’ve seen other wedding professionals offer advice and wedding tips around the web, and every time I do, I think of things I’d tell an engaged friend or client having just done the wedding thing ourselves!

Think about hiring a coordinator. The first thing I’d advise out of personal experience, is to hire at the very least, a day-of coordinator as your point person for the myriad of questions vendors and guests will have. Hiring a planner for the whole thing is a great idea if you can swing it, but at the minimum, a wedding day-of coordinator would be a total blessing. You need a point person because you’ll be in hair and makeup and putting on your dress and people will have questions. Lots and lots of questions!

wedding-ceremony-texas-hill-countryWhile I was getting my makeup done on the second-floor balcony, friends and vendors were approaching me with dozens of questions. It didn’t help that I was a pretty laid-back bride about certain things, and didn’t really know where the band should set up: “Wherever they want!” Having someone attend to the last-minute details is so important. I forwent the day-of coordinator, and a few little things could have stood to have gone smoother and some details that got forgotten or overlooked could have been attended to.

Throughout the day, we did things spontaneously as we felt like, but the whole thing felt unorganized and frantic at moments from the inside.  No one noticed and even some vendors said it seemed organized, but I know it would have been less stressful for me with someone handling the details, as I’ve been to weddings with good coordinators and the brides seem more relaxed and they run very smoothly for everyone involved.

Hire some helping hands. If you don’t have a planning company or a venue to clean up after the festivities, then it’s entirely worth it to hire someone or pay extra to have someone handle it for you. I did entirely too much work at my own wedding! I also crazily planned a three-day event with a rehearsal dinner and goodbye brunch (which is a whole other story). I strongly advise you hire a cleanup person or crew, so you can do your getaway and get out of there, and also not strap your guests and friends with any work! The day is emotionally exhausting (and exhilarating) enough, you don’t want to be physically exhausted, too, as you leave for your honeymoon!

super-8-vintage-wedding-videography-cinematographyHire a wedding cinematographer/videographer. I’m not just saying that because that’s what we do! You want to be able to sit down and have the feelings of the day rush over you later–the sights, the sounds and music, the scents of the flowers, the emotions and feelings, how your dad looked walking you down the aisle or giving his toast, how the groom looked when you first saw him, how kickass you looked in the perfect dress with your hair and makeup, how your felt during your first dance,  how hilarious your friends looked on the dance floor, and how your family, your aunts and uncles and maybe grandparents looked at that moment in time. A good film should be evocative enough to bring all of that back to you. You’ll want something short and sweet to show your friends and family and those who couldn’t attend, and you’ll want the longer edits to watch later too, on anniversaries, when you’re feeling sentimental, or even when you two are having a tough day and you want to turn it around! You’ll want film or video to share with your possible future family, too. You don’t want to risk all of those moments to amateur video or film! The day goes by so fast in a crazy whirlwind, and it’s so priceless to be able to sit back later and relive it. I can’t recommend making film or video a priority enough!

wedding-venue-alternative-brideConsider a first look. I think back and think maybe I should have done this just to have helped calm my nerves! Plus I didn’t really remember the moment when my husband Mike first saw me since we had such a long procession. And looking back, I would have loved to go straight to the celebration and the champagne, rather than the awkward standing around for photos right after the rush of getting married. At the very least, consider getting the group shots with the gals and groomsmen out of the way in advance while you’re looking fresh! I’ve since seen weddings with a first look, and I  can really tell it helps with the nerves.

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. In the end, this day is the expression of you as a couple and your new lives together. Make it reflect you! I received some resistance to my offbeat ideas and choices, and in the end, I am so glad I stuck to my guns even when it was tough! Some of the decisions that were the most trying turned out to be the best and most talked about of the day!

Seek inspiration and support. Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming at times. There are a ton of wedding blogs out there for every niche and genre you can imagine. Some of my favorites are in the sidebar. Some of my favorite project ideas came from the blogs I read, and some of the greatest support came from wedding boards and forums. Some of my favorite books during the planning process were Anti-Bride Guide: Tying the Knot Outside of the Box , Offbeat Bride, and Emotionally Engaged.

Think creatively and get by with a little help from your friends. Don’t hesitate to think reallysuper-8-wedding-vintage-style-cinematography creatively and ask others to help you do the same. I ended up finding an amazing and unadvertised venue by my asking my longtime massage therapist and friend for advice when I felt like I’d totally run out of ideas and was so upset over the venues that didn’t fit my budget or the high-stakes lotto for a park we’d loved. Word of mouth saved me when I was so frustrated with the venue hunt, and it saved me again when our band backed out weeks before the wedding and a friend suggested another amazing group of musicians whom she knew. Don’t be afraid to think of non-traditional places to have your wedding or other out-of-the-box ideas.papel-picado-flowers-wedding-DIY-rustic

But know when to call in a professional. You want your friends as invited guests to be able to relax and enjoy the day. Especially if they know your friends and family, it’s very tough for them to hide behind the camera (or bar, or buffet, or whatever) and work when people want to talk and engage with them! Plus, your friends and family don’t know all the tips and tricks and angles and aren’t likely to get up close, nor will they want to keep on working once all the fun starts. Working a wedding and attending a wedding are so entirely different! Plus, should anything go wrong, you don’t want to create any awkwardness in a relationship.

If friends do volunteer, certain things can be handled well by friends, but other things are better left to the pros. For example, a friend of ours did an amazing job handling sound for our wedding so that the guests could hear our ceremony in the valley where we held it. He brought in vintage mics and helped with the band, and even shared a CD of the ceremony with us after the wedding. We feel so lucky that he gifted us with that! And we also had a good friend as our officiant. We wrote the ceremony, and she did an amazing job delivering it and marrying us!wedding-beer-homebrew-handmade-handcrafted

Consider new wedding pros. Know what the things are that really matter to you that you will  not budge on and splurge there. An amazing photographer. A caterer to die for. If there’s a professional’s work that you love or a place that you adore, put those on your budget and stick with them and find any way to make them happen. But then consider other pros that are newer to the wedding market. Usually newer pros will have more affordable pricing, and the quality will still be top notch, and they will be aiming to please you since they are new and still building a reputation and referrals.

Hire people you like. Don’t hire someone who you don’t jive with or feel great about just to save some on your budget. The vendors you hire will be working guests at your wedding, so choose people you want there and are comfortable with! Follow your gut, and by the time the wedding is over, they won’t just be vendors, but also new friends.

ring-bearer-pillow-handmade-diyEmbrace the DIY, but know what to DIY and what not to DIY. Go wild with decorations and getting help with DIY projects! All the DIY touches really make it you and your husband’s day and reflect the two of you with a whimsical spirit.

In the eleven months before our wedding, I went a little nuts with the DIY. I made hand-sewn pennant flags, hand-painted mason jars, sewed a ring-bearer pillow, made a card box, sculpted little items for our guest table, designed save the date postcards and programs, made a flower girl basket, made boutonnieres, and made jewelry and hair accessories for my bridesmaids (I also have a small jewelry design business, so making jewelry wasn’t too far a reach, and I had a lot of creative energy to unleash on our wedding!)centerpiece-mason-jars-handmade-wedding

My gal pals and I crafted up bouquets the morning of the wedding over coffee–perfect pre-wedding bonding and catch up time with my out-of-town guests–and I made centerpieces from pre-packed European style bouquets, all courtesy of Costco! Don’t be afraid to do your own flowers (but with a solid plan in place: get tools, de-thorning devices,  zip ties, and preservative, and read-up in advance so you’re confident).  I did almost panic about not hiring a florist a couple of times, but I am so glad I ended up with that girl-time on the wedding day morning,  and every time I look at the photos, I have the awesome feeling of  “We made that!”
Other things we did: We had help from some awesome teacher friends of my maid of honor who crafted paper flowers for my shower that I  re-used for the wedding. We set out a Polaroid camera and old film and ended up with a ton of amazing, candid guest-shot photos. My husband Mike made rustic-looking signs for outside our venue and around our venue, including a chalk board to greet guests. Mike and I even brewed two kinds of our own wedding beer (well, he brewed, I helped with bottling and creating custom labels), which were a huge hit. Mike even wanted to DIY our own cake for a moment there (he is an amazing cook and former baker once upon a time), but I am glad we decided to find an awesome baker to do it for us and take that stress off our plate.

unique-offbeat-wedding-cake-dia-de-los-muertosChoose what’s important to show your personality,  not too far a stretch of your skills, and doable for your DIY projects and have fun!

As always, if you need help planning your wedding or any ideas, or wedding film cinematography or videography, or vendor recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us!

All photos in this post are by Heather Curiel Weddings.