Frequently Asked Questions...

What videography style do you offer?

We offer Super 8 film & Hybrid HD video combined with Super 8 film.

Super 8 really captures the feelings and emotions of the day—it really has a magical quality that way, but it is more like a home movie and the end result are highlight films. We're selectively shooting little moments and vignettes throughout your wedding day. It's always set to music since Super 8 sound film is no longer made. We'll occasionally record the ceremony and/or toasts with a handheld audio recorder and use little bits in the Super 8 editing, or we can add on HD video for the ceremony and/or toasts for a small additional fee. Super 8 is at its best when there’s lots of natural light, and is ideal for outdoor weddings; however we work with a light panel for after-dark and indoor receptions. You'll receive three-minute highlight film and a longer (15-25 minute) home movie also set to music, plus all packages include the archival film reels.

We also shoot Hybrid packages with a combination of modern HD video and Super 8mm film. Hybrid options allow you to add on a select amount of Super 8 to HD video, perfect for documenting your day with full audio and video and rich detail in low light with modern HD video. The Hybrid packages ensure you'll have key parts of the day in documentary-style footage (ceremony, toasts) as well as both three- and 20-min. cinematic highlights with the romance, magic, and nostalgia of the Super 8 sprinkled into the editing. You'll also get a chapter with the Super 8 film we shot of your day edited to music and the archival film reels.

We one of only a very small handful of cinematographers in Texas that offer Super 8, and we've trained in L.A. with one of the premier labs for Super 8, which has been working with Super 8 film for 35 years.

What primary style do you identify with?

Our films feature short-form storytelling (emotional montages of the couple's day set to music) for Super 8 and short-form and cinematic styles for Hybrid packages.

For our shooting style, we try to remain unobtrusive and document the day as it unfolds candidly and rarely stage anything, aside from a shot or two during the photo session part of your day. We work closely with your photographer to capture the sweet, memorable moments that comprise your day.

What do your packages include?
  • A consultation to plan your coverage
  • Your choice of six to eight hours of coverage for your wedding day
  • An edited approximate three-minute online highlight film set to licensed music to share with family & friends and a longer feature film
  • Your choice of DVD or Blu-Ray copies in metal keepsake tins with custom menus and packaging
  • The archival celluloid film reels, which can last 50+ years to be transferred to future formats

Contact us for full details. Read more about our wedding videography packages or watch wedding videography examples.

What formats can the final video be in?
DVD, Blu-Ray, and online highlight films. With all Super 8 packages the couple gets the celluloid film for archival and heirloom purposes, and we include a sheet on caring for your film to help make it last 50 years or more.
Do you have liability insurance?
Yes; please let us know if your venue needs a faxed copy.
Where is your business based?
We have a home studio in South Austin, but we are open to traveling all over to document special events and keep our travel and destination wedding pricing reasonable for this reason.
Do you offer demo DVDs for potential clients to look at?
We have a page with our wedding videography and portfolios on Vimeo and YouTube, and can give passwords to the longer full-length edits after meeting with clients. Upon request we can also mail a hard-copy DVD/Blu-Ray.
What types, such as unedited footage or special effects, of videography do you offer?
Just ask us. In addition to wedding day coverage, we also offer engagement, save-the-date, and love story films, as well as family films, legacy films, and other milestone events on Super 8mm film.
Describe any special editing services you offer:
We love to edit to music to tell a story for highlight films and we create cinematic edits for our longer, Hybrid HD & Super 8 packages. We are very creative and flexible in our editing. From time to time, depending on workload, we're able to take on additional editing projects as well. Just ask us!
Do you have lighting equipment to accommodate a more dimly lit event?
An on-camera LED lighting panel. Super 8 isn't the ideal medium for very low light situations, but we have a couple tricks up our sleeve and can use particular film stocks to fit your venue and lighting. Modern HD cameras are much more flexible in lower light situations. Please talk more with us during a consultation to make sure we'll all be on the same page about lighting at your venue(s) and that we create the best package for you.
How many videographers do you work with?
A husband and wife team: Michael & Shanna. We also have back-up second shooters that we work with as needed.
Does the client get to meet the videographers before the event?

Of course! It's so important that we get to know and are comfortable with each other, so that we and the cameras are less obtrusive on the wedding day. Plus getting to know our clients helps us best create their unique film. We'll often e-mail with the couple over the course of the engagement and are happy to help with suggestions, ideas, vendor recommendations, and more.

Let's meet and chat! Or we can talk via phone or over Skype. Contact us here.

Do you guarantee your presence at the actual event?
Shanna or Michael will be there depending on the package option, usually both. However, we occasionally work with a second-shooter as needed.
Do you book yourself for more than one event in a day? Weekend?
We don't book more than one event in a day. We prefer to have only one wedding in a weekend to ensure the highest quality.
Do you have a replacement videographer in case you become unavailable on the event day?
We do have back-up second shooters if needed. Michael has worked in the industry for fifteen years, so he knows many videographers in town.
What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of?
A lot! Multiple vintage Super 8 film cameras, multiple HD cameras, lots of film stock to choose from based on lighting conditions, a light panel, audio equipment, tripods, monopods, a glider, and more.
Do you bring backup equipment to the event in case of malfunction?
Yes - batteries, cameras, extra film stock, and more!
What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?
We do ask that the client provide something to eat during a short break for 6+ hour weddings. We like to take a break during the dinner and request to be within eye/earshot of the reception. It's a good time, since no one wants to be filmed eating anyway usually, and then we can be ready when cake cutting and toasts or dances happen afterward.
Do you charge overtime?
We charge our hourly rate if clients want us to stay longer than the hours stated in the contract. Please let us know before or during your wedding as soon as you know you'd like extra coverage.
Do you give access to your raw footage?
We do not include the raw footage in our packages, since the Super 8 packages include most of the footage and the reels, and the Hybrid packages are comprised of hundreds of very short video files that aren't of much use to the end-user (unless they want to try to edit on their own). We can provide a hard drive for an additional fee, please contact us to discuss.
Do you reserve the right to use the video in the future for deals, contents, etc.?
Yes, we do, for promotional/portfolio/advertising purposes, all of which is outlined in our contract.
Is the client involved in the editing process? If so, how much input does the client have in editing?
We are flexible on this. We love clients that let us have creative control, but we also love input on what will make your film special for you! We also welcome input on the kinds of Super 8 you love--very vintage or more fine film, black & white or vivid color, which is good to know a while before the big day so we can order the right film stocks. We discuss it all at the consultation and in a follow-up questionnaire. We put a lot of time into choosing the very best licensed music to complement the highlight film, too, so we like to get a feel for the couple's favorite music to help us choose the best song.
How long does it take for the client to get the final video?

We often like to share a highlight film with the couple as soon as we're able--generally within a couple months of the wedding, as we continue to work on the longer full-length edits. The full package takes approximately six months from the wedding date, depending on the number of weddings we shoot during a season.

We put several weeks of work into editing each wedding--from logging footage and selecting the music to cutting together the footage, to creating the custom DVD and Blu-Ray menus and packaging. Turn-around time will be clearly stated in the contract, and we will always keep in touch with you to keep you posted. Film does take a minimum of two weeks to be developed and telecined as well. Please contact us for special circumstances and rush edits. We strive to give you a final film to cherish for a lifetime made with thoughtfulness and care.