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Austin Super 8mm Wedding VideographyFrom couples...

"This was such a happy surprise today! :) I'm in love with the video!!!! We both just watched it, and I got a bit choked up. It's beautiful! Becker Vineyard Austin Wedding VideographySo gorgeously done, and such a wonderful gift to have to remember our special day always. :) We are so grateful to you and Michael..." - Rachel & Branden

Austin Wedding Videography at Vista West Ranch"We went ahead and just watched it on David's computer at the office and OH MY GODDD!!!!! It is PERFECT!!! ... OMG Shanna, yall did such an amazing job. Thank yall so much!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Yall rock!" - Jessica & David

Super 8mm Wedding Highlight Film | event1013 Dallas, Texas"I met up with my mom this weekend and got the films and just got to sit down to watch. It was great!! I ordered extras for Christmas gifts for parents and grandparents and I can't wait to watch with them! Just wanted to let you know that I did get them and LOVE them! You guys rock!" - Emmie & Dustin

"As I remember this day, see these beautiful pictures, and watch our film, my heart overflows." - Elise on Style Me Pretty Texas

Palazzo Lavaca Austin Wedding Videography"I cannot say enough great things about Nostalgia Film! Shanna and Michael are true artists at what they do and are extremely personable. They were actually recommended to me by my photographer and I am so glad she did. They are extremely creative and exactly what I was looking for. They use super 8mm film which definitely sets them apart from most videographers. If you are looking for a different, artistic take on videography, then look no further than Nostalgia Film!"

"I just wanted to let you know that we got our wedding video!  It turned out so great, we couldn't be happier!  I just wanted to say thank you again and let you guys know what great work you do!" - Jessica & Patrick

Oklahoma Super 8mm Wedding Videography

"You have brought tears to the eyes of everyone who has seen it ... Seriously, I cannot say enough and cannot stop watching. The word "perfection" has been used numerous times. The crazy thing is, I remember you there, I remember talking and visiting, but I don't really remember your cameras. You both are so talented. You captured that day the way I remember it in my head. Dreamy, quirky, fun, and just pretty. The light that you got is one of my favorite things here. I don't know how you knew, but you knew. I just cannot believe we have this. Our children will watch this one day. Do you have any idea how special that is to us? I am about to cry just writing this. We can never thank you enough and our lives are better knowing the two of you. That film has already brought so much joy. You are really great people who just happen to be very, very talented." - Kylie

Austin Wedding Videography Couple"Hey Shanna!!!!! OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! It made me cry!!!! :) It is so beautiful!!!! :) ... Cannot wait to see the longer edit. You guys are amazing!" - Ali & Andy

Duchman Family Winery Videography"Shanna and Michael, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! ... IT IS PERFECT and such a surprise to this evening. Thank you a million times. I am still crying and the clip ended at least 3 minutes ago. It captured everything, cannot wait to see the full version! Hope you guys had a blast at the wedding as well! MUAH! thank you! XOXOXOX" - Cassady

"I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! we got the video last night and i think we've already watched it 5 times! amazingly beautiful! SO SO happy and extremely thankful. xoxo" - Cassady (after receiving DVDs)

The Inn at Wild Rose Hall - Super 8 Wedding Videography AustinWhat a great surprise coming back from the holidays!! We love the highlight film; it made me a little teary actually.....in a good way ;-) I love that you used the guitarist music from the wedding, and the goats butting heads is the best!! haha Thank you!!! - Kelly

Austin HD & Super 8 Wedding Videography"Shanna, This seriously has exceeded ALL my expectations. I am in love. I will cherish this forever. Seriously speechless right now. I cannot wait to share this. Thank you so much for everything. I cannot wait to see the rest of the footage, too, of course!" - Elise

Texas Super 8mm Videography"Michael! Oh. My. Gosh. Can't stop watching it. It is SO perfect. And I absolutely love that song. It represents us and the day perfectly. ... The editing is amazing. You two are so incredibly talented! ... You and Shanna are pretty wonderful and everyone needs to know it." - Kaci

"Nostalgia Film was an absolute joy to work with. I can't say enough good things! Shanna and Michael might be the two most sweetest, easy going people you'll ever meet. Not to mention they're quite talented! We told them our vision and they captured it flawlessly. They are simply pros with Super 8 film and editing the final project. If you're looking for a vendor who goes above and beyond, Nostalgia Film does just that."

"You really went above and beyond for our wedding and I'm so thankful I had you guys as vendors. And of course the video made me a little teary eyed! Not to mention how is awesome it is you let us keep the Super 8 footage reels! ... You two rock.
P.S. I also loved the darling packaging. Nostalgia Film is simply the best." - Kaci & Tad

Texas Bohemian Modern Super 8mm Videography"The talented Nostalgia Film also captured the wedding with the sweetest Super 8 video. We wanted our wedding film to have the feel of a home video. We are so in love with retro and classic look of Super 8." - Kaci via Green Wedding Shoes

Vista West Ranch Super 8 Wedding Videography"We hired Nostalgia for our wedding in Dripping Springs, Texas at Vista West Ranch. Shanna & Michael were amazing all the way from planning through the delivery of our most beautiful and lusciously unique films.

I am in love with them and cry and laugh while watching them. Nothing other than 8mm would have worked for us. I love all the perfect imperfections of 8mm film and they have such a command and grasp of the film and how to weave it all together in the editing process.

They were able to easily accommodate us by creating a package that fit our two day wedding and listened to all my direction about what was important to us. They did all of this so beautifully and I am thrilled that we hired them and want to hire them again and again for further parties.

They are worth more than they charge and well, as people they are just delightfully yummy!!! So you will have fun having them be a part of your celebration.

Call them!!" - Katariina & LarryOklahoma Super 8mm Wedding Videography

"Oh it's fabulous!!! Thank you!! Tears, laughter, smiles!! How fun!" - Katariina

One World Theatre Videography"Thank you so much for the highlight video, Zach and I love it!!!  You guys did an absolutely beautiful and amazing job capturing the day and putting this highlight together.  My cheeks are already starting to hurt from watching the video so many times on repeat and smiling ear to ear." - Sarah & Zach

Rustic Texas wedding videography"Nostalgia Film does HD and super 8, which we both really loved. Michael and Shanna are clearly so talented! They came early to film the activities and just hung out with us all day long. We couldn’t be more happy with them and the videography." - Michal & Michael

"We LOVE it!!!!!" - Michal & Michael

Mercury Hall Wedding Videography“Thank you for getting this to us before our Boston trip! We LOVE the video!!! You did and your husband did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see the rest of the wedding film. We appreciate all your hard work.” - Brittany & Randy

San Antonio Super 8mm Wedding Videography"My hubby and I loved working with Shanna and Michael. They were awesome! ... I highly recommend! Thanks Michael and Shanna!" - Jessica & Anthony

Star Hill Ranch Wedding Video"We are absolutely THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did such an amazing job:). Couldn't be more pleased. We laughed and cried and wished we could do it all over again. We are so thankful to have found you guys. You are so very talented.

We're making it our mission to get the word out about our amazing experience with Nostalgia Film!

Thank you SO much, Shanna + Mike!!!! We had a blast w/you guys and will cherish this for years and years." - Liisa & Matt

"To capture your special event, look no further than NOSTALGIA FILM!! We couldn't have stumbled upon a more talented, visionary, hilarious, cool, and creative company to film our big day. We struggled with hiring a videographer for our wedding, not because we didn't want one...but because we were so spent from everything else. After tapping many shoulders for advice, and scouring site after site, we decided to go for it. Advice from 99% of our friends was, "You are sooo busy that day, you don't catch everything". They were right and we are SO THANKFUL we hired Nostalgia.

We have both Super 8 and HD footage to cherish forever. They captured moments we completely missed as well as those we recall and want to watch over and over. And to top it all off they are so open to your ideas, yet are so freakin creative you'll smile, cry, and laugh throughout the whole thing. So many wonderful touches were added we weren't expecting. Such a treat! We loved working with Shanna and Michael and would do it again in a heartbeat. Worth every penny (and more)." - Liisa & Matt

Star Hill Ranch Wedding Videography"[W]e LOVE this!  it's amazing! thank you so much." - Elissa & Chris

Louisiana Super 8mm Wedding Videography"Oh my goodness! We love it! I can't wait to see the whole thing. We love that song too!"

"PS: everyone is raving about the preview! It really is so perfect!"- Madison & T.J.

"Shanna, you guys were just as amazing. The video, well, there are no words. You both show such professionalism and creativity and were just a dream to be around. Thank you, thank you for sharing your talents!!" - Rhonda


And from wedding pros we've worked with...

"Shanna and Michael offer a true alternative to the cheesy wedding videos we've all seen from the 90s and 00s. They shoot super 8 film and create that vintage look that we all remember from the opening credits of the Wonder Years tv show with Kevin Arnold and Winny Cooper. It looks old, it looks cool, the speed seems a little fast, everyone just looks happier somehow. Maybe it hearken's back to a simpler time, a better time, a time before iphone 9, tablets out the ying yang, stuff beeping everywhere. A time when we focused on the important stuff - love, friends... relationships. The guys at Nostalga Film can be your guides to finding that refuge of simple goodness." - Andy Sams Photography

Can’t get enough of these two? Well we can’t either – so here’s their sweet film by Nostalgia Film… - Style Me Pretty

"I’ve watched this film three times now and each and every time it has made me grin from ear to ear. It also makes me want to grab my nearest and dearest and go camping, even though, truth be told, I’m not much of a camper. It’s that good." - Elizabeth, Bridal Musings

"In all my days spent hunting for unique wedding vendors, there has never been another vendor so clever, so vintage, and so cool.  If you aren’t planning to have a videographer at your wedding, you may reconsider once you see what Nostalgia Film is all about. ... It’s not just video taping your wedding, it’s about filmmaking, cinematography, and style. Working with Nostalgia Film is like producing a mini-movie to document your day – from start to finish – in way you and your family will cherish forever. Truly." - Valerie, DIY Bride

"And the perfect accompaniment to this Austin wedding is the fabulous film of the day shot by Nostalgia Film…" - Style Me Pretty

"The best wedding video ever! The elements of retro style film, the talented Shanna & Michael, combined with a summer camp, rustic Hill Country, the joy of the bride & groom reflected in their friends and family and THE most awesome entrance done by a groom. Thank you Nostalgia Film for sharing this." - Christina Lewis, Wedding Warriors

"Morning Shanna, I saw Elise's video this morning and it is soooo sweet and beautiful! It made me teary eyed - you all are fantastic!" - Christina Lewis, Wedding Warriors

"We have some stunning vintage love coming at you today from the great state of Texas. ... We’re also lucky enough to have a Super 8 film (squeeeee!) from Nostalgia Film who captured the entire day on film for us to showcase. Enjoy!" - DIY Bride

"I love, love, love the vintage 8 films. They ARE nostalgic for many of us baby boomers. They touch something very familiar in us that takes many of us back to our childhood. If you're looking for something different look no further. Nostalgia Film company will create a video of your special day that will become a nostalgic memory maker for your life time of memories. Simply wonderful." - Cynthia Black Weddings & Events

"Their films are so gorgeous and beautiful. I love their work and definitely recommend them to brides looking for a videographer!" - Nadine Photography

"Shanna and Mike of Nostalgia film are true professional artists. They make SUPER 8 films!! And beautiful ones too! Working alongside them has always been easy and smooth. They are nice as well as extremely professional. One meeting with these two and you will fall in total love. :)" - Heather Curiel

"After you meet Michael and Shanna with Nostalgia Film, you will know exactly how awesome videography truly is. You'll be adding a videographer to your list of vendors in no time." - Valerie, DIY Bride