For the Grooms: Fly Fishing Film Tour

Posted on Apr 17, 2012 | Comments Off on For the Grooms: Fly Fishing Film Tour

We don’t always blog for the grooms who might visit our blog, so we wanted to write a quick post about a cool event we got to go to last week. Michael enjoys fly fishing, so when our friend invited us to the Austin stop of the Fly Fishing Film Tour last Thursday at the Paramount, we had to check it out.

We also picked up some info from some local fishing outfitters while we were there. A fishing trip would make a great groom and groomsmen outing before the stress of the big day (or a bachelor party for those who prefer to keep it mellow and about bonding with the guys.) Here are a couple of resources:

The films that the tour featured were full of beautiful cinematography and locales and lots of fishing action–enough to satisfy any serious fisherman or filmmaker.
Here’s a trailer from one of our favorite of the films we got to see the long trailer for –

For more fishing videos and info on the tour, check out Orvis’ blog post film wrap-up or the Fly Fishing Film Tour Vimeo Channel.

Nostalgia Film, 406 Post Road Dr., Austin, TX 78704