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Three Tips for Hiring Austin Wedding Transportation

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If you are newly engaged–congratulations!–and welcome to the process of wedding planning. While wedding planning is often painted as being chaotic and stressful, it doesn’t have to be that way with guidance from professionals and a bit of organization along the way. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re cruising the web and looking for the best transportation provider for your Austin wedding. If you keep this information in mind, you’ll be able to clearly determine which service will work best for your wedding.

Consider the needs of your guests

This is always a wise thing to do when you’re wedding planning! Your guests have likely made a lot of preparations to attend your wedding. They have probably had to take time off of work, arrange supervision for children or pets, along with getting you a gift and possibly traveling to you. This is why it’s a good idea to arrange a shuttle for guests, specifically ones that are coming in from out of town. They might not be totally familiar with the area, and this can save them from spending extra money on a rental car. Plus, you will know that they will get back to their hotel safely after indulging in drinks at the reception.

Do your due diligence when researching

It’s important to take all things into consideration when you’re looking for a transportation solution at your wedding. You don’t want to hire a company that isn’t experienced with this type of event! Be sure to look over their website carefully, and ensure everything is easily accessible. They should have a modern website and clear communication when you try to get in touch. If they fall short on any of these points, you might want to move on to the next possible company.

Go above and beyond with interviews

You might think that it’s enough to simply call and talk to transportation companies, but it isn’t! When you’re interested in a particular company or vehicle, ask if you are able to come to view it. This ensures that the company owns their Austin Limo Bus rather than acting as a booking agent for other companies. Plus, you will feel a lot better knowing what will show up on your wedding day. There are a lot of instances of couples being on the receiving end of a dirty vehicle, one that has mechanical issues, or one that doesn’t show up at all!

Austin TX Party Bus
7707 Eastcrest Dr. B
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 643-5111

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Pro8 Experts-Something Old/Something New presented by the Montana Film Office

Posted on Jun 26, 2017 in About Us, events, featured, filmmaking, movies & film, Nostalgia Film, press, super 8, wedding pros, wedding tips, wedding trends, wedding videography, wedding videography Austin, wedding videography Texas | Comments Off on Pro8 Experts-Something Old/Something New presented by the Montana Film Office

I have been asked by the Audience Awards to participate in their Summer Film School Webinar Series as a guest panelist for their free webinar:

Pro8 Experts-Something Old/Something New presented by the Montana Film Office

Tuesday, June 27th from 3-4 PM CST

Learn more and sign up on Eventbrite

See more on the Facebook Event

News article on AudNews


Pro8 Experts-Something Old/Something New presented by the Montana Film Office

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Fun Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Posted on Sep 23, 2016 in wedding planning, wedding tips, wedding trends, weddings | Comments Off on Fun Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

A major factor that determines the success of your wedding is the entertainment. Get this right and you can send your guests home glowing, with unforgettable memories of the fun and excitement! While the conventional disco and wedding bands are classics, don’t feel they are a necessity. Rules are made to be broken and throwing some creativity into the mix can make your special day, so much more special. After all, the wildest ideas are often the most fun!

Here some carefully selected entertainment ideas that your guests will love:

Bobbing apples with prizes

Evoke the child in everyone with fun games such as bobbing apples. Alternatively, set up a beer pong table or flip cup (they don’t have to involve alcohol). After everyone is settled, and a few drinks, it might be an idea to set up small teams for those wanting to take part. Prizes for the winners!

beer-barSet up a beer bar

Get hold of a few kegs of beer, cider and ale, so guests can grab a pitcher and get stuck in. The men will appreciate this one, I’m sure. Real wooden kegs will add a fantastic rustic quality to your theme, not to mention getting kegs can actually work out cheaper too, so you can save your pennies for even more fun activities.

Create a cozy corner

For those guests that want some space or to relax in the evening, or for couples that want sneak off for a few moments of privacy, set up a little cozy corner. If it’s a warm night, set it up outside below the stars. A couple of hammocks, cushions, bean bags, candles in jars, and gentle music on a speaker to set the mood. Add some fairy lights to really set the scene for when it gets dark.

Appetizers & Canapés

There are literally thousands of ideas for appetizers and canapés to treat your guests with. Also, be sure you don’t forget the drinks; send out some waiters with pitchers of freshly made lemonade, Pimms with fruit, and the canapés of your choice.

Photo booth

To create long lasting memories of the evening for you and your friends, it’s a fun idea to set up a photo booth with a box of dressing up clothes. Your guests can even take the pictures home, and enjoy the memories. An alternative to this, is to hire a quick-drawing sketch artist, that can sketch pictures of your guests throughout the evening.

Enlist your grandmas to be your flower girls grandmothers-and-flowergirls

To add some fun and humor into your wedding, why not ask your grandmas to be the flower girls? Ideas like this will create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your guests to feel more at ease and make your grandma feel special too. Consider having them taken to get their hair done with you before the ceremony. If you haven’t got to that part yet, here is everything you need to know about bridal hair.

Historical Feasts

The food is a major part of the wedding success. Why not make this also part of the entertainment? For a fun and romantic wedding why not play with a historical theme, such as a medieval feast.  Hire some costumes and props, such as swords and knight’s helmets to hand to the guests as they come in. Sit your guests around one or two long wooden tables in a beautiful stone floored barn. The tables can be laid with metal plates, goblets, fruits, candles with wine and mead, to set the atmosphere. To really set the scene a few simple sides and vegetables will make a fantastic accompaniment to a delicious “do it yourself” hog roast, roasted traditionally over coals and flames. This will provide a truly special wedding like no other. You can set a spit roast up yourself, or even hire someone to set it all up for you.

fun-coffee-for-weddingsWake your guests up with fun coffees

After the meal, your guests may be feeling a little stuffed and lethargic. To reset a lively mood, it’s your responsibility to wake everyone one up and get the party started. Create a coffee menu with fun names and ideas that people just can’t resist. Some of our favorite examples “The Dirty Harry” for a double shot mocha with cream!

Old fashion sweets table

A sweets table is always fun. Adults and kids alike love to have a table with lots of old fashioned jars of sweets to help themselves to. It’s a cheap and fun way to add to the atmosphere of the wedding. To add to the fun, why not set up–at a safe distance–a giant Jenga game?


Make sure the little ones are happy! Provide lots of crayon and paper for them. If it’s outside where there is a lot of stone flooring, chalks are also fun and wash away in the rain. Don’t be surprised if you see mom and dad getting in on the coloring action.

Ball Pit/Bouncy Castle

Hire a bouncy castle or a ball pit for the kids. This is very exciting for kid of all ages, where I’m sure later on in the evening after a few drinks some of the adults with also be bringing out their inner child.

Water slidedance-instructor-for-weddings

If it’s likely for hot weather (and when isn’t it in Texas?) why not consider setting up a water slide for the kids, especially for weekend weddings. It’s great fun, and adds a spark of excitement into the wedding. Remember to warn the parents beforehand so that everyone brings along swimwear. It may also be an idea to bring a few precautionary spare T-shirts and shorts so no guests are left wet and cold.

Dance instructor

Lots of people find dancing embarrassing and awkward because they just don’t know what to do on the dance floor. To get people dancing, hire a dance instructor to get as many people up and dancing. Teach some easy and fun dance moves, such as salsa.


After everyone is feeling relaxed why not have a few rounds of karaoke to spark up some fun! This doesn’t have to be done one at a time, choose a few classics to sing from, and get the whole crowd singing along. Get any of the little ones involved that would like to sing to lighten the mood and get everyone interacting.

Cocktail hour

Cocktails are trendy and a must have at your wedding. Instead of just offering a few cosmopolitans, hire a couple of cocktail experts to make some fun and delicious drinks for the guests. An added section of whisky and cigars for the men certainly wouldn’t go unrecognized. Why not set up a casino table as well?

Petals for confetti

For a more tasteful send off, why not give flower petals to the guests as confetti. It’s more environmentally friendly, less messy, and the sweet  fragrance of flowers will fill the air, adding to the atmosphere.

sparklers-for-weddingsFinishing with a bang!

Finish the wedding reception by handing out a few sparklers, and setting off a mini fireworks display. This is a nice visually appealing, fun and romantic way to finish the wedding. Even a small one can make a big impression, and is a nice conclusion to a wonderful day.

Party bag hangover kit

After such a fantastic wedding, I think it’s safe to say more than a few of your guests are going to be waking up with a hangover. Why not give little party bag hangover kits for your guests, filled with vitamin drinks, green tea, fruit, a mini hangover cure guide on a piece of card, along with a few other bits and bobs.

You don’t have to stop here, the more creative you are, the more fun you and your guests will have. Have a brainstorming session with a couple of your friends, you will be amazed what you might come up with.

Joe Thomas

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’70s Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Videographer

Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in wedding planning, wedding trends, wedding videography, weddings | Comments Off on ’70s Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Videographer

Last week, I reminisced about the ’60s as ideas for wedding inspiration. (Also take a look back at the ’20s & ’50s!) This week, I wanted to take a flashback to the ’70s! I actually got to live a teeny tiny bit of the end of the 1970s, so it’s close to my heart–the fashions, the music… In addition to wedding inspiration, I am thinking this would be an amazing 40th wedding anniversary theme, if only my parents let me throw them a party next fall!

Think boho chic–flower crowns or headwraps — plus retro dresses and suits. Sweeten it up with white and yellow daises or daffodils in milk glass as centerpieces. Choose touches of vinyl records in displays or as invitation inspiration or take it in a totally disco direction with sequined bridesmaid dresses! Get more inspiration on our Pinterest board and below!

1970s Wedding Inspiration

And here’s a sweet, boho-style Super 8mm wedding video!


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1960s Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Videographer

Posted on Jun 3, 2014 in wedding planning, wedding trends, wedding videography, weddings | Comments Off on 1960s Wedding Inspiration | Vintage Wedding Videographer

Let the sun shine… Let the sun shine in! I am totally inspired by these ’60s wedding idea pins! The 1960s were an era–that although I was born too late for–I always felt nostalgic for through the stories my mom would tell me and the music my parents shared with me. A time of lots of change, transition, and radical new ideas, I looked at the era through the rose-colored glasses of my family’s stories and pop culture. Some of the sweeter elements of the ’60s would be great wedding inspiration. See my favorite Pinterest pins for some sunny 1960s ideas below!

1960s wedding inspiration and wedding videos

…And here is one of my favorite Super 8 wedding movies that has a touch of ’60s flair! I’ll follow up with ’70s wedding inspiration next week!?

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Floral Nuptials: Spring 2014 Wedding Inspiration

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 in wedding DIY, wedding planning, wedding pros, wedding tips, wedding trends, wedding videography, weddings | Comments Off on Floral Nuptials: Spring 2014 Wedding Inspiration

Florals are in for 2014: on the runways and down the aisle! I made an etsy treasury for wedding inspiration I am feeling for Spring 2014. Pastels and soft colors and lots of pretty flowers and sweet touches!

flloral weddings 2014

{source: etsy}

If you’re looking for a florist for your upcoming wedding, I heartily recommend Natasha with EcoChic Floral! She’s kind, passionate, and super knowledgeable about sustainable flowers!

See a wedding we worked together on her site or in the film below!

Happy Spring!!


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