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Three Tips for Hiring Austin Wedding Transportation

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If you are newly engaged–congratulations!–and welcome to the process of wedding planning. While wedding planning is often painted as being chaotic and stressful, it doesn’t have to be that way with guidance from professionals and a bit of organization along the way. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you’re cruising the web and looking for the best transportation provider for your Austin wedding. If you keep this information in mind, you’ll be able to clearly determine which service will work best for your wedding.

Consider the needs of your guests

This is always a wise thing to do when you’re wedding planning! Your guests have likely made a lot of preparations to attend your wedding. They have probably had to take time off of work, arrange supervision for children or pets, along with getting you a gift and possibly traveling to you. This is why it’s a good idea to arrange a shuttle for guests, specifically ones that are coming in from out of town. They might not be totally familiar with the area, and this can save them from spending extra money on a rental car. Plus, you will know that they will get back to their hotel safely after indulging in drinks at the reception.

Do your due diligence when researching

It’s important to take all things into consideration when you’re looking for a transportation solution at your wedding. You don’t want to hire a company that isn’t experienced with this type of event! Be sure to look over their website carefully, and ensure everything is easily accessible. They should have a modern website and clear communication when you try to get in touch. If they fall short on any of these points, you might want to move on to the next possible company.

Go above and beyond with interviews

You might think that it’s enough to simply call and talk to transportation companies, but it isn’t! When you’re interested in a particular company or vehicle, ask if you are able to come to view it. This ensures that the company owns their Austin Limo Bus rather than acting as a booking agent for other companies. Plus, you will feel a lot better knowing what will show up on your wedding day. There are a lot of instances of couples being on the receiving end of a dirty vehicle, one that has mechanical issues, or one that doesn’t show up at all!

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ELOPEMENT: Amanda & Mike’s Tres Lunas Wedding: Super 8 & HD Wedding Videography

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Amanda and Mike had an intimate elopement ceremony to unite their families at the beautiful Tres Lunas Resort near Fredericksburg, Texas. They asked us to document their wedding day on Hybrid Super 8 film and HD video, so they could later share the day with friends and family. Amanda got permission to use a song from the songwriter Melissa Polinar, so that they could have a song meaningful to them as the soundtrack to their wedding highlight film. I think it fits their film wonderfully!

Watch their sweet wedding film below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Congratulations Amanda & Mike!

Amanda & Mike’s Tres Lunas Wedding \\ Super 8 & HD Wedding Video from Nostalgia Film on Vimeo.

Wedding Vendors:

Bridal Bouquet: Sprout
Cake: Tres Lunas Resort
Caterer: Tres Lunas Resort
Cinematography: Nostalgia Film
Florist: Tres Lunas Resort
Photography: Jessika Spayd

Music: “Meant to Be” by Melissa Polinar (permission given by artist)

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Nostalgia Film, 406 Post Road Dr., Austin, TX 78704