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Shanna founded Nostalgia Film in 2010 from her idea of capturing weddings, family memories, and other events on the nostalgic and timeless medium of Super 8 film. She had grown up being captured on Super 8 and still film by her dad, who greatly influenced her artistic eye and love of film. She learned film photography as a child, and went off to UT to major in journalism — telling stories has always been a love of hers.

Nostalgia Film primarily specialized in Super 8 filmmaking and videography, until Shanna and Vic met in 2016… after which, they began collaborating on photography.

After meeting online (he was taken of a photo of her with Puddles Pity Party and she was taken with his B&W self-portrait and silly grin), the two quickly. bonded over their love of the visual medium and travel. He enjoyed her Super 8 films, and she thought he was a pretty talented photographer.

Shanna Vic Jacome Nostalgia Film - By Lily Larson Photography
By Lily Larson Photography

They got married in 2017. They have three children between them, a young daughter, teenage daughter, and young adult son. You will find Shanna & Vic traveling all over Texas, Florida, and beyond.

Learn more about Shanna‘s and Vic‘s educations, careers, and backgrounds.


We’d really like to get to know you, your partner, and your family, so we can create an heirloom that really reflects your unique story. We would love to meet you in person and talk more about how we can capture your memories. Please contact us to set up a time to meet in person or over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime!





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