Austin Super 8 & HD Wedding Videography

Vintage-style Super 8 film & modern videography for weddings and events to remember... Based in Austin, Texas, and available for travel anywhere.

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We preserve memories and create treasured heirlooms that capture emotions for generations and are infinitely watchable.

We are a husband and wife filmmaking team who love the sweet, the quirky, the sentimental, the spontaneous, the witty and the whimsical over the cheesy and long-winded videos of the past. We shoot unobtrusively, and we like to connect with you and help you feel comfortable with the cameras, and that comes across in our films. We love to shoot on Super 8mm film with our vintage professional film cameras because of the magical, dreamy, and evocative nature and vintage sensibilities, and we also have created Hybrid high-defnition video and Super 8 film packages to combine the best of modern video with the nostalgia of Super 8.

Watch our wedding films, and you'll see that our style and approach are different. We'll work with you closely to capture the specific moments and look and feel that you desire for a film that you will love for many, many years to come.