Our Ten Wedding Predictions for 2013

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 | 2 comments

There’s a discussion over on Bridal Tweet about Predictions for 2013 Weddings. We sat down and came up with ten predictions of our own based on what we’ve been seeing in late 2012 and are hearing about from our brides and grooms for next year. Here were our guesses about 2012–We were spot on about our summer camp wedding prediction for 2012… later a summer camp wedding we filmed showed up in the New York Times!

Let us know in the comments what you think the biggest trends of 2013 weddings will be, if you are incorporating any of them, and which ones you think we got right for 2013!

Wedding gown with lace sleeves

Wedding gowns with lace sleeves will be popular in 2013!

Tiny desserts tiny pies wedding

Tiny desserts and tiny pies are all the rage!

    • Gowns with Lace Sleeves– I’m seeing this a lot on celebrity gowns right now especially with small cap sleeves, as well as our own brides, so I think it will start showing up all over.
    • Vineyard Weddings– We’ve done a couple vineyard weddings this fall at Duchman Family Winery and have another booked for next year at Becker Vineyards, so I see this trend continuing. Who doesn’t love wine!?
Winery Wedding Austin Texas

Winery weddings will be hot in 2013!

    • Ranch Weddings – Maybe this is because we’re in Texas, but ranch weddings will continue to a very popular wedding choice! We often film at Star Hill Ranch and Vista West Ranch, and we can’t wait for our 2013 weddings at Vista West Ranch and Cibolo Creek Ranch in Marfa!
    • Bicycles – Bicycles keep showing up in weddings as part of the decor and in the photo shoots, and I think this trend will continue! Especially in a bike-friendly town like Austin.
Bicycles Wedding Decor

Bicycles as wedding decor… A 2013 trend!

  • Selective DIY – Brides and grooms will no longer spread themselves thin trying to DIY everything, but will choose a couple thoughtful choices to add their personal touches to add to their wedding day.
  • Hand-Painted, Rustic Signs – Speaking of DIY… These are hot always, and I don’t see them going away soon!
  • Blush & Pink Color Palette – I’ve seen lots of bridesmaids in blush and brides in pink! I think we’ll keep seeing this in 2013.
  • Sparkly, Sequined Bridesmaids – There’s no reason to put your favorite ladies in something dowdy or a dress they’ll only wear once. I think letting bridesmaids pick a sparkly, sequined cocktail dress that they can get a lot of use from will be a trend, continuing on the heels of all the gold we’ve seen!
Sparkly, sequined bridesmaids

Sparkly, sequined bridesmaids will be big in 2013!


  1. love the predictions, and I could not agree more!

    • Thanks Sarah!


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