Seattle on Film – Diana Mini 35mm Photography

Posted on Oct 29, 2015 | Comments Off on Seattle on Film – Diana Mini 35mm Photography

A lot of times when I travel, I like to take a toy plastic camera in addition to my fancy DSLR. It forces to me think on the fly, shoot from the hip, think about composition, and just have fun! In this case, it was the Diana Mini with 400 speed Lomo film. It makes dreamy, lo-fi images, and it’s always kind of an adventure to see what you’re going to get weeks after you’ve returned. I first discovered Lomography and their line of cameras (starting with the awesome Lomo LC-A about 15 or 16 years ago), and I have been hooked since!

Also, while I am on the topic… A Seattle Super 8mm wedding film is totally on my bucket list. So if you are getting married in Seattle and want a Super 8 wedding film, please get in touch!


Nostalgia Film, 406 Post Road Dr., Austin, TX 78704